Psychotherapy Philosophy

I offer individual psychotherapy. When you make a choice to see me in psychotherapy you will find that:

1. I believe psychotherapy requires team work.  You are the expert in YOU and I am the expert in Psychology, Human Behavior, and Facilitation.  Through mutual trust and honesty we can work on the issues you bring to treatment.  I cannot do it without your full participation.

2. I am a family therapist and although I may not see your family in the room, it is my belief that understanding your biological family history and your current family history will help us uncover patterns and internal narratives which may present obstacles to your reaching your goals and experiencing balance and harmony in your life.

3. Trauma, whether a BIG T or small t resides in the body and if you choose to work with me, you will experience action-oriented interventions which are designed to help you become more focused and familiar with your body and the places in which you hold your stress, your anxieties, and your blocking beliefs.

4. When appropriate, I offer Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), an extensively researched and effective treatment of trauma.  At present I am not offering EMDR on line.

5. When appropriate, I offer Attunement, a gentle non-touch and powerful healing art, which works with the energy field of our bodies.  I have found that working with the energetic field simultaneously with psychotherapy and other kinesthetic modalities can deepen the psychotherapeutic work and enhance health seeking behavior.