What is Attunement?

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Attunement is a gentle and powerful healing art, primarily non-touch therapy, which works with the energy field of our bodies.  Through the process of Attunement a balance can be re-established  which promotes the regenerative processes in body, mind, and heart.

The endocrine system is central to Attunement.  Opening the energy flow through these seven glands is a key component in awakening and maintaining the physical-spiritual connection.  Attunement can also be used to bring balance and healing in the chakras, the lymphatic and autonomic nervous systems, the organs and the skeletal structure.

Balance and harmony are essential keys to eliminating life’s stress and dis-ease.  Unbalanced energy within the individual’s body, mind, emotions, and spirit can lead to a state of disharmony, which may manifest itself as symptoms of illness and disease.  Attunement works with the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies to restore alignment, balance and harmony with Source.  The quality of your experience will depend on your willingness to participate in the balancing/healing process which is necessary for a state of wellness to be achieved.

Restoration of energy balance, harmony and health does not come about overnight.  It is recommended that three sessions, within 21 days, be shared to initiate the process. This state may be achieved quickly or may take several sessions over a period of time.  Your commitment to the process is important.

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“ stress is changed from feeling overwhelmed to a sense that I can handle it.  Traumas from my past are processed in bits and pieces, and then lighten or resolve.   I find I am able to respond differently to challenging moments in my life.  I breathe deeper.”  – Anonymous Client


What is the Endocrine System? 

The endocrine system influences every organ, cell, and system of the body. The endocrine system is made up of ductless glands which produce & secrete hormones that regulate growth, development, and the metabolism. The major glands of the endocrine system are:

  • Pineal body
  • Pituitary & hypothalamus
  • Thyroid
  • Thymus
  • Pancreas (islet of Langerhans)
  • Adrenals
  • Gonads (ovaries & testes)


(Ductless means that these glands secrete their hormones directly into the bloodstream.  The hormones travel elsewhere in the body & target specific organs. For example: the islet of Langerhans secretes insulin & glucagon which communicates to the liver to regulate blood sugar levels).